Amber and I just went with a couple of our friends to a going away party for our dear friend Bardhi Haliti. When we first got there, a girl that we haven't seen in awhile called out across the room "Hey! Jon and Amber have come out of their cave!" I thought it was really weird, and also a bit presumptuous of her to say that. Sort of funny that one might assume that if you don't hang out with them then you don't hang out with anyone. Or to assume that you must not have any real friends that are outside of "their circle" or do things that are outside of "their awareness." I have nothing against anyone at that party, as a matter of fact a lot of them are good friends of mine and have been for a long time even if we don't see each other all the time, and some of them are good friends of mine that I do see often, and some are people I've never seen before in my life. But regardless, I was disappointed that someone felt like greeting us with a comment that essentially meant "Hey, I haven't seen you guys in a long time, and that must mean that you are living a friendless life void of human interaction and activity!" No offense, but that kind of comment certainly doesn't communicate any sincere "nice to see you" and is really just pretty annoying. Anyway, we said our farewells to Bardhi, who I am sad to see go, but also very excited for him. He will do very well in NY, I am sure. And who knows, maybe we will move back there next year... Anyway, back to the cave.


Rupeshow said...

seriously though, come out of your cave again and lets hang. jk.

Kos said...

We like our cave. We eat peach and vanilla smoothies and dress up in Settlers of Catan costumes.

Or we go to farewell parties and get hit on by, well, not our husbands. I choose the cave.