My first car that I bought with my own money was a Plymouth Neon. I bought it when I moved back to Provo in 2005. It has been a great car. I even got broadsided last year by a seriously crazy old Mongolian man who ran a stop sign (and then later went crazy in court trying to deny what happened and accuse me of speeding around from behind him in order to intentionally cause the accident and therefore sabotage his driving record and inflate his car insurance... two hours later Amber and I were escorted out of the courtroom by a Provo police officer for fear of a possible post-trial violent attack by said Mongolian.) Through it all the Neon kept chugging along. But alas all things change with time. Today my Neon was towed away and out of my arms once and for all...



Davis. Earwax candles. Summer 2006. (I'm so glad I just found this picture... I'd almost forgotten about this.)



Well, this morning marked the end of design classes for the byu graphic design bfa class of 08. And what better way to go out than listening to Adrian tell us long and illustrious stories of Australian rain forests and Aboriginal funeral dances? After class the thirteen of us went up to Gallery 303 and did a photoshoot with our current exhibit, photos by Ashton Rodgers. (If you haven't seen the exhibit, and you get a chance, you should check it out this week, because I think it comes down on Friday or Saturday. Gallery 303 of the HFAC, BYU)

It is sort of a strange feeling to be finishing the design program. I still have a lot of projects to finish over the coming months, before I graduate in December, so I'm not totally finished. But from here on out it will be more self-directed and individual, with no group classes and critiques. I am excited but also feel a bit sad to be leaving the past 2 years behind...



Lately Amber and I have been way into cooking Indian food. Featured here is last night's dinner: Simple Basmati Rice, Garlic Naan, and Assami Ril Do (Potato Curry). It tasted even better than it looks.



Ok, so my buddy Adam posted this on his blog and I had to re-post it here because I think that it is a fantastic story. Check it.



April fools...
Last night I was in the living room working when Amber brought me a glass of horchata with a fake gummy eyeball in it. It wasn't very scary—I didn't gasp or scream or pee my pants or drop the glass or anything. But she really thought it was hilarious and I thought it was hilarious that she thought it was so hilarious because it really wasn't that hilarious. Then she told me about her original plan for an April fools joke which was to get a ride home from work early so that when I got home she would be laying on the kitchen floor in a puddle of blood [fake blood I guess] and then when I asked "what happened!?" she would hold up her finger and say "paper cut." It is so stupid but also a really funny idea because of how stupid it is. The best part is that she was laughing so hard that she was crying when she told me about that plan. Anyway, I love how all of her April fools jokes are really just creepy/cheap halloween gimmicks.