We went to k-mart last night to buy a dish scrubber. When we were at the check-out counter I told they lady "oh, its okay, we don't need a bag for that. we can just carry it out." She seemed shocked at first, and then said "oh yeah, I remember you two, the one's that don't use bags."
I was a little surprised because a). we haven't been to k-mart in a few weeks and b.) I would imagine that there are other people in provo who recognize the pointless waste it is to wrap every little item they purchase in an extra layer of plastic that is only going to be thrown away. am I crazy? or does anyone else agree that plastic bags are pointless, especially if you are only buying one or two or three items. Why not just carry the items out in your hands? And for bigger purchases bring a tote bag? Anyway, I know there are a lot of people out there that already do many things to reduce waste, and conserving plastic bags is just a tiny little part of it. But I was amazed by the fact that so few of the shoppers at k-mart choose not to use plastic bags that the employees there are beginning to recognize us as "the one's that don't use bags."
pretty funny. and maybe a little sad?



What was I thinking this morning as I was shaving? Boredom? Over-confidence? Was I trying to be funny? Tough? Ironic? Whatever the motivation, I decided to leave the mustache. Of course, I never leave the mustache. At least not longer than a few minutes (any guy who says he doesn't play a little game of "what if I was an undercover cop?" in the mirror now and again is probably lying.) At any rate, this morning I must've got carried away with delusions of drug busts because a few hours later I still had the mustache and was feeling frighteningly okay about it. Not to mention a bit creepy. Little did I know, the day was about to get a lot creepier.
So, I'm on gmail and my brother Dave [that's right the one that lives in Philadelphia, 2,150 miles away] sends me an email. All it says is "wore this bad boy this morning" and—you guessed it—there is a picture of him with the sickest mustache I've ever seen. (see below)
I tell you, it is just too weird. Neither Dave nor I are the mustache type, nor can I recall a time when either of us actually decided to wear one out of the house (or even the bathroom)... but without any planning we do it on the same day? That is too creepy... check this out:



last night amber and i went to a pretty delicious cafe in springville called gingers. it has all kinds of natural and raw and nutritious foods and crap like that. i got this crazy "pizza" that was actually some sort of insanely nutritious raw oat or granola cracker thing with a bunch of veggies like red and green peppers and onions and lettuce and avocados and mushrooms chopped up on top of it and some sort of tasty brown sauce on top too. really good food. also their water is apparently some sort of phenomena called reverse osmosis. i don't really understand at all what that means, but you can read more about it here.