A call for entries!
Or something like that... Okay everybody, I am creating a zine called EveryEveryDay and it is sort of an experiment in breaking personal and social norms and challenging our routines and daily habits. Each issue will feature two different "assignments" and the content of the zine will be stories from people who completed the assignment. Hopefully the stories will be interesting or insightful or funny, because hopefully the experiences will be interesting or insightful or funny (or maybe awkward, embarrassing, or weird). Anyway, it is good to shake up your routine every now and again, right guys!? Do something different and see what comes of it. You will either learn something new or realize that there is nothing left in life for you to learn.. and either way you win! So anyway, do yourself a favor and try this little experiment!

Below is a little flier I threw together with the first two assignments. If you want to participate then please pick one of the assignments below and send me the story by Sunday September 7th!



Philly Youth Group + Dave & Kelly + Jon & Amber + Mt Timpanogos =





Some stuff I've been doing lately (pen, colored pencil, watercolor, spraypaint, sharpie):



I am writing a term paper for my Modern Political Thought class right now. It is about Rousseau's depiction of man in the state of nature and how it compares/contrasts with Hobbes and Locke. It is due at 5 today and I've got a good little ways to go. So why am I blogging right now? Good question....



What can I say, I love strategy games. Is it geeky? Maybe. Does that stop me from playing them and subsequently spending hours reading game reviews online? No way!
Yesterday we introduced Dave and Kelly to Carcassonne. Love that game.
Also, Spencer Romney came over and brought a few games that I hadn't heard of. We played No Thanks for the first time... but not the last. It is a simple yet strategic game. A good balance of strategy, chance, and arithmetic. The only thing it's missing is meeples.



I am so pumped about being married to the coolest girl I've ever known! I was just thinking today about how lucky I am to be in love and how fun it is to be best friends with Amber. I was going through some stuff and came across some old paraphernalia from when we first started dating. If you aren't already so over this mushy blog entry then look below and behold some of our earliest mementos:

I think this is the first [love?] letter I ever wrote to Amber... well, the envelope anyway
And this is (not the first but one of the first) letters she wrote to me (check out that sweet hand-drawn digital-looking type! And thats when I knew...)And these are the tickets from when we went to see a really ridiculous musical at the Hale theatre in Orem. It was sort of an early birthday date for Amber's birthday, because she left for Quatemala the next day (or was it the day after that...)



A visit from my sister and her five kids.
This is my nephew Ethan and he is so funny.