A call for entries!
Or something like that... Okay everybody, I am creating a zine called EveryEveryDay and it is sort of an experiment in breaking personal and social norms and challenging our routines and daily habits. Each issue will feature two different "assignments" and the content of the zine will be stories from people who completed the assignment. Hopefully the stories will be interesting or insightful or funny, because hopefully the experiences will be interesting or insightful or funny (or maybe awkward, embarrassing, or weird). Anyway, it is good to shake up your routine every now and again, right guys!? Do something different and see what comes of it. You will either learn something new or realize that there is nothing left in life for you to learn.. and either way you win! So anyway, do yourself a favor and try this little experiment!

Below is a little flier I threw together with the first two assignments. If you want to participate then please pick one of the assignments below and send me the story by Sunday September 7th!


The Guy said...

Hey Mr. Troutman, hope all is well for you. This is Mike Rutkowski from the 74th ward by the way. I noticed your comment on my friend Adam Johnson's blog and followed the trail to this post. Hope all is well. I'm actually in need of some advice regarding an employment matter, and might have something to contribute to you since a stranger sounds like a great place to get an opinion.

ashmae said...

jon! what an awesome idea. please let me know if you need any help and count me in!

jenny said...

Jon, I love your blog and I love your BFA. YOu are a genius. An absolute genius.