Amber's birthday was back in June and provided the perfect excuse to buy this Jack Lalanne Power Juicer which, thanks to Sarah and Marcus' recommendation, had been looming in our wishlist for some time. To say the least, we are pumped to have this new appliance in our kitchen and more than happy with the results. I feel so invigorated and strengthened after a fresh glass of orange carrot juice that I swear I could pull a cruise ship with my teeth.
Amber and Koseli are obviously excited about the upcoming batch of orange peach:



on pioneer day we floated the river again, this time accompanied by keenan and koseli. it was so fun. we got out at vivian park and had a nice little picnic complete with veggie sandwiches (with a subtle hint of banana flavor), honey roasted cashews, and the entertainment of a 90 year old woman disguised as a 10 year old girl on a bike...it was wild. it felt so summertime and i loved the whole day. after the picnic we went to a matinee of The Dark Knight, which was amazing. not only that, i'd forgotten how NICE the real movie theater is. comfortable chairs. good sound. movies without scratches. up-to-date previews. it was great.

here are some pics from the river.



statistics is for xxxxxxxxxxxxx.



you can't tell me you don't still love everything about this.



On saturday Amber and I floated down the provo river with Ashley (Amber's sister). It was super fun. and also freezing. I want to start floating the provo river every day. for a month. or a year. or for a week. Pictured above is the sweetest innertube that you can buy in Utah. I bought it at Smith's for just $7.50. that's right only $7.50 at Smith's. I am so pumped about it.



I miss playing the drums. I haven't been in a band for a while because I have been so busy with school and design and everything and sometimes I really really miss playing music. Tyler and I almost started a band last year when we got back from New York. We practiced just like twice and I can honestly say that it would've been awesome. The stuff we were writing was really raw and we were both so pumped about it, but unfortunately we got too sidetracked and nothing ever came of it. And now Tyler is back in NYC and I am still here in Provo. Anyway, I was thinking the other day of all the bands I've been in from way back when I first started playing the drums in middle school. So I made a list. Some of the bands were more serious than others, of course, but all of these either played shows or at least wrote some songs with the intent of playing shows. Also, some of them I might not have been a "real" band member but maybe just practiced with them and played one or two shows. Anyway, my music career is as follows:

The Flaming Cycles
Blue Stem
The National Nix
Dead End Drivers
Big G and the Blue Streak
The Argyles
The Definition of Lettuce
The Farewell Bikeride
Boxcar Manifesto
Throwing Knives
Pluto Was a Planet
T.V.P. (Totally Vicious Punks)
The Plan B
Bureau of Information
The Affiliates
Paul Carruth
The Handcart Company
The Pop Music Experiment
Andy Martin

There might have been some others that were sort of started but never named and never played any shows. I sort of miss all of them in their own way. Playing music is so fun and especially playing shows is really fulfilling. Shoot, I feel so anxious now to start playing again... oh time, how intrusive you are...