on pioneer day we floated the river again, this time accompanied by keenan and koseli. it was so fun. we got out at vivian park and had a nice little picnic complete with veggie sandwiches (with a subtle hint of banana flavor), honey roasted cashews, and the entertainment of a 90 year old woman disguised as a 10 year old girl on a bike...it was wild. it felt so summertime and i loved the whole day. after the picnic we went to a matinee of The Dark Knight, which was amazing. not only that, i'd forgotten how NICE the real movie theater is. comfortable chairs. good sound. movies without scratches. up-to-date previews. it was great.

here are some pics from the river.


Kos said...

That's my Baby.

I loved floating the river with you guys. You wouldn't know that I'd been in the sun for two hours because I wore so much sunscreen, but what the heck.

That little girl looked like an old woman! We should have taken a picture.

olivia said...

aw, man.

now i'm REALLY sad ben & i had to bail out so last minute. sure hope there's a rain check.

we'd probably fit in more now anyway since we're MARRIED.