Amber's birthday was back in June and provided the perfect excuse to buy this Jack Lalanne Power Juicer which, thanks to Sarah and Marcus' recommendation, had been looming in our wishlist for some time. To say the least, we are pumped to have this new appliance in our kitchen and more than happy with the results. I feel so invigorated and strengthened after a fresh glass of orange carrot juice that I swear I could pull a cruise ship with my teeth.
Amber and Koseli are obviously excited about the upcoming batch of orange peach:


Kos said...

Go Vitamin C!

(I may have to snag this picture of Amber and I for my own blog. It's perfect.)

Jeff and Ali said...

Hey Troutman, how is it going? It is nice to see you've having fun and growing beautiful mustaches. I wish I was as good at growing facial hair as you! Let me know how things are going.