Spent the weekend visiting my parents in Denver. Amber was in Cincinnati visiting her sister so it was just me and my mom and dad. It was good to spend some time with them and we had a lot of fun.
This picture is me and my dad outside the Molly Brown House in Denver. We did a tour of it and it was really interesting. "The unsinkable Molly Brown" All I knew about her was from the portrayal of her in Titanic (you know, the blockbuster smash starring Leo and Kate), well anyway her life story is pretty interesting and the wall paper in the house was off the hook!



surfing in ventura



Well, I'm sure it seems as though I've abandoned this blog since we moved to Ventura so probably no one checks it anyone (I mean, the 3 people that used to probably don't anymore ;) Anyway, if you happen to read this I just wanted to say check this out. Amber recently began contributing to a really cool NYC fashion blog/website called Refinery29. Her first piece went up on the site today, it is in the pipeline section of the site. Pretty rad!