I am so sick of studying. It feels so strange to be spending time studying flashcards about temperature inversion and mitochondria when I already feel so disconnected from college. Like a time warp to 3 years ago or something. Anyway, I'm done with biology as of yesterday, and that is a relief. Today I will take my 3 remaining finals and then that is that. haha this semester was so ridiculous because I never really got invested into my classes because of course I was spending all my time working on my BFA exhibit and working on my portfolio and interviewing for jobs and doing freelance work... somehow memorizing the layers of the atmosphere didn't seem as important. I'll be honest though, I do really enjoy learning this kind of stuff. I just wish I had the time for it. As I'm cramming for these finals I sort of wish I would've taken these classes earlier when I'd had more time to invest in them. Especially this global climate class. I have been so lost in there most of the semester, which is unfortunate because it is all super interesting. But now it is just sort of a hoop I have to get through. Okay well anyway, back to the flashcards.