So, the Water/ Politics/ and Hope exhibit turned out to be really great. I was pumped that so many people came and that the response was so positive. It was so fun to organize and put up an exhibit.. now I just want to do more exhibits all the time! Also, it was so fun to conceptualize and produce all the promotional stuff for the exhibit (a collaboration with Keenan), and I think that I really want to do more work in that arena in the future, professionally. Anyway, it has been really cool also to hear people's responses to the exhibit (there is an email on the website where people can send in their thoughts about the work). Today someone that I don't know sent in this response to my piece:

"I really enjoyed this piece. It was my favorite in the show. I think that the way it presented it's message was very powerful. The contrast between those who have water and those who do not was shocking. We are so fat here in America and we take so much for granted. It really became apparent when you place a picture of a starving child next to a typical American child. It was cool how he used the orange which is a very dry, warm color and contrasted it to the blue, cool, wet color. I think the compostion is very good too, letting us see how our view is refracted. I give this two thumbs up! Keep up the good work!"

I really like to hear feedback about my work in that sort of way, from people I don't know, and where it's not solicited so directly, like "here look at this and tell me what you think" but actually a response that someone felt personally inclined to give on their own. Even when people's interpretations of the work isn't exactly what I intended to convey. I actually like that, not being there to explain every detail or intention, but just allowing the viewer to interpret.


Anonymous said...

mmmmm....just reading this and thinking about how i could really go for an ice cold glass of.....dr. pepper. ha! you thought i was going to say water.

jenny said...

Yours is the best in the show. Maybe I'll write an email too.

The Gorbott said...

yeah i was super into this. i didn't know you had so much to do with the organizing of it. good work man.