Last night was the opening reception for Everyeveryday. Thank you to everyone who came! The response was incredible and I was so excited to see everyone becoming so engaged in the exhibit. I am excited for the exhibit to continue to evolve as people's stories get added to the gallery.
Also, Field Study (the collaborative show that Keenan and I put together) opened last night too and we were really pumped with people's interest in the eclectic visuals. Below are a few photos from last night.

PS A shout out and thank you to Quinn for his great submissions including that sweet little self-portrait of his face at 6am.
PPS My friend Ashton Rodgers took better photos of the show before the opening and I will post those soon.


bambam said...

the show is amazing! i love encountering the responses as each rolls in. they are sometimes funny, sometimes entertaining, sometimes heartwrenching and sometimes magical, even whimsical. i love it! i love you! don't be pissed anymore! there is a comment on this post now!

canne said...

thanks for the shout out. and for blowing my face up huge and ugly.

canne said...

this is quinn by the way. signed in as my wife, courtney. but courtney liked this too. don't get me wrong.